1. The Sea Garden

The Sea Garden is a symbol of Burgas and also one of the most beautiful parks in Bulgaria. It was established in 1910 on an area that used to be a bare windy plain. Today, it has been declared a memorial of park art. Everyone can find something in it – picturesque summerhouses and benches overlooking the Black Sea, a network of alleys suitable for walking, hundreds of different types of plants, romantic nooks, singing fountains, playground areas intended for children and sports activities, restaurants attracting people with the smell of freshly cooked seafood, music coming from the evening concert held nearby or the song of the birds living in it.

2. The Bridge

The bridge is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Burgas and a preferred place for walking of the citizens and guests of the city of all ages. The facilities enter as far as 300 meters into the Black Sea, thus revealing an amazing view to the Gulf of Burgas. You can fish or watch the sailing competitions standing on the Bridge. It is accessible for pedestrians and cyclists.

3. St. Anastasia Island

St. Anastasia Island is located about 7 km from Burgas. It is the only inhabited island in the Bulgarian Black Sea. When it is not windy and cold, a hydrobus can take you there in about 30 minutes. The ships are scheduled to leave from Magaziya 1, which is located on the territory of the Port of Burgas. St. Anastasia Island is a cultural and historical value. Its past has been veiled in mysteries and legends. Some of them are about a buried treasure guarded by the ghost of a dead sailor, others are about a pirate ship turned into stone, which can be seen today. You can spend the night in a monastic cell, taste a tea made of healing herbs, eat mussels cooked following an old recipe or just relax and enjoy the beautiful nature.

4. The lakes

Burgas is located between three big lakes, which are the home of some of the most magnificent types of birds. The second largest migration route “Via Pontica” passes over that area. Millions of birds fly over Burgas every year, find food in the lakes and continue southwards or back to the north where their birthplace is. There are several eco zones made especially for the convenience of the nature lovers, which have been supplied with special observation points allowing the visitors to get away from the dynamics of the urban environment and immerse into the romantic atmosphere of the beautiful lakes and their proud inhabitants – the birds.

5. The beaches

The climate of Burgas is extremely favourable for tourism throughout the year. Summers here are cool, there is no unbearable heat and humidity, winters are mild with temperatures much higher than the average temperatures of all other Bulgarian cities. However, if you prefer to holiday here in the summer, Burgas can offer you tens of kilometers of beaches. They are covered with fine golden sand and the sea is calm and pleasantly warm. The local surf and kite clubs will help you find exciting sea experiences and the people who prefer playing sports on land can play volleyball or football in specially designated areas. Those who just want to lie and sunbathe under the blazing sun are welcome to do that, drinking an icy cocktail from the bar near the beach.

6. The largest free open-air SPA centre in the country

That’s right, you have read it correctly! The natural open-air pools with lye and healing mud have been attracting all the citizens of Burgas and an increasing number of guests of the city recently. The black mud has been proven as a means of healing, beautifying and rejuvenating. You can visit the natural pools with healing mud, salt and lye free of charge. The place can be reached on foot, by bike and car. It also offers wireless Internet.

7. The Museum of Aviation near Burgas Airport

The latest attraction of Burgas is the Interactive Museum near the Airport which symbolizes the eternal strive of the human to fly. The visitors will have the opportunity to see the exhibition park of renovated planes from the civil and military aviation. The Interactive Museum allows everyone to put on the virtual-reality glasses and act as a pilot, hear the roar of a working plane engine, touch a real black box and navigation devices.

8. Festival of sand sculptures

Burgas annually hosts the first of its kind Bulgarian Festival of sand sculptures. It is always held at the same place – the Lake Park, near the Stables. The festival was launched in 2008 and has had more than ten editions. Its sculptures have been seen by about one million people. Sculptors from four continents have worked in the city of Burgas – Europe, North America, Asia, Australia. Authors from Bulgaria, the USA, Portugal, Indonesia, England, Australia, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, Slovakia, Poland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Belgium, Latvia, France, Norway and Italy have taken part in this festival. The Burgas Festival of sand sculptures expects its visitors every year from July to October.

9. Sea station and the Port of Burgas

The Sea station and Magaziya 1 are located within the public access area of the Port of Burgas. Built in 1906, Magaziya 1 is one of the first buildings within the area of the port and was used to store bulk cargoes. It was renovated in 2016 as the valuable riveted Eiffel-type construction of the roof has been preserved. Today, the old port warehouse has changed its function. In 2018, a branch of the National Academy of Arts was opened there. It is one of the places in Burgas where the seaside atmosphere is the most intense. There you can see ships, fishermen and sailors, have something delicious to eat, walk to the Lighthouse, visit the yacht club and travel to St. Anastasia Island by ship.

10. Aquae Calidae

Aquae Calidae is an ancient town with millennial history. Today, it is an archeological reserve located near Burgas. If you visit this place, you will learn some interesting facts about the healing power of mineral water, the history of the region during the centuries and you will also see exhibits from the Thracian, Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman periods. You shouldn’t miss the film shown in the museum of Aquae Calidae, which is a three-dimensional multimedia performance including sounds, lights and an interesting story of the past narrated in a fascinating way. In close proximity to the archeological complex, there is a wonderful park suitable for picnics, children’s play, sports and barbecue.

And more ...

Burgas is the first city in Bulgaria with more than 60 km of bicycle lanes and an integrated municipal system for renting bicycles. The construction of the network of bicycle lanes is part of the policy of the Municipality of Burgas to popularize alternative and environmentally friendly means of transport by creating a new urban culture of moving around the city. If you love cycling, you can rent a bicycle from different places around the city. There is also an established bicycle connection from Burgas Airport – Burgas to the city centre. It allows the tourists who have just arrived to take a closer look at some of the natural places of interest, one of which is Atanasovslo Lake and the coast of the Gulf of Burgas.

Official Travel Guide of Burgas